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  1. In Preps, create the required imposition or layout templates.
  2. Configure the required output devices.

    See the Preps documentation for information on creating templates and configuring devices.

  3. Start Prinergy Evo Client software.
  4. From the Configure menu, select Process Templates.
  5. In the Process Template Editor, File menu, select New Create Imposition Template.
  6. In the Create Imposition process template, Preps Imposition Planning section, select the required binding style, imposition template, and device configuration.
  7. Create a submission channel and attach the create imposition process template.
  8. Submit the input files to the create imposition submission channel.

    Prinergy Evo creates a populated JDF file and marks file.

  9. See Creating an output process template.
  10. Create a submission channel and attach the output imposition process template.
  11. Submit the populated JDF and marks file to the output imposition process template submission channel.


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