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Use the output TIFF process template to input 1-bit prescreened TIFF files in order to output 1-bit prescreened (halftone) TIFF files that can be imaged directly on one piece of platemaking media, or which can be output to 1-bit prescreened DCS or EPS raster files, HPRTL, or TIFF files. Prinergy Evo does not support Device N layouts for 1-bit TIFF output.

You can scale, rotate, and mirror 1-bit TIFF files via the output TIFF process template.

At the top of the dialog box is the Output To list, which you use to select the file format suitable for the output device. The file format selection determines the availability of some options in the output TIFF process template. For this reason, you should select an output format before you set the other options in the output TIFF process template.

Note: See the sample process templates installed with your system for the settings recommended for specific devices. These process templates are listed in the Process Template Editor along with any process templates created on your system. You can use these process templates as templates for setting up your own process templates.

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