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Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.3

This version provides bug fixes.

Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.2

Floating licenses for Pandora 4.0
Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.2 supports floating licenses for the Kodak Pandora 4.0 step-and-repeat software.

Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.0

Selectively overprint all spot colors and knock out process colors (EVO-6452)
Overprint conversion options available in refine to PDF process templates have been enhanced.

Set CMYK Colors to Knockout
Select this check box to override the overprint setting in the input file and force CMYK process colors to knock out. As a result, color printing order affects which separations are knocked out, including spot colors. Use this feature for disabling overprint and enabling content color matching for all objects on a PDF page.

Set Spot Colors to
Select this check box to override the overprint settings in the input file and force spot colors to either overprint or knock out.

  • Select Overprint from the list to force all spot colors to overprint and knock out other colors.
  • Select Knockout to force spot colors to knock out. The color printing order affects which separation is knocked out.

Change Overprint Mode
This check box was formerly called Enable CMYK Overprint. Select it to force CMYK objects to overprint.

Custom file naming is available in the refine process template (EVO-2158, previously JCOX-0429)
This new feature allows you to use custom file naming when you re- refine for a special purpose so that you can easily identify the secondary files.

In the refine to PDF process template, select File Delivery > Use Custom File Naming.


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