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When using InDesign 1.5.2:

  • Use the latest Adobe PS print driver.
  • Print to a File.
  • In the Color menu, select Separations if you want to use InDesign's trapping, or Composite if you want to use Kodak trapping.
  • In the Graphics menu, select Subset Fonts.
  • Clear all Gradient options.
  • Select the OPI options required.
  • In the Page Marks menu, select the Printer's Marks required, and select a bleed size. Prinergy Evo determines the trim box from crop mark information for files that include printer's marks.
  • In the Trapping menu, clear all Trapping options.
  • In the PostScript menu, output to PostScript Job format, Level 3 Only, ASCII data, All Fonts.

When using InDesign 2.0:

  • Use the settings for InDesign 1.5.2.
  • In addition, InDesign 2 can create files with transparency. Flatten InDesign files with the highest quality setting (in the Advanced menu of the Print dialog). For more information, see PDF 1.4 transparency.   
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