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To prepare Illustrator version 8 files:

  • When you save a file, embed the document fonts to ensure you don't have to add the fonts in the Refine to PDF process template dialog box.
    If you choose not to include document fonts, you must set the font search path in the Normalize section of the Refine to PDF process template dialog box.
  • To use DCS files in the page file, you must use an image sampler to create a low-resolution placement file created from the DCS. Place the .samp file in the Illustrator page and refine it using a Refine to PDF process template with OPI.
  • Ensure any dielines are stroked with a unique spot color and are set to overprint.
    If this isn't done, the settings can be corrected in Prinergy Evo, but it is more efficient to correct in Illustrator software.
  • Ensure varnishes are filled and stroked with a unique spot color and are set to overprint.
  • Save your file as Illustrator EPS Level 3, using the following settings in the EPS Format dialog box:
    • Compatibility = 8.0
    • Preview = 8-bit IBM PC
    • Under Options, select Include Placed Files, Include Document Fonts, and CMYK PostScript. Clear Include Document Thumbnails.

To prepare Illustrator version 9 and 10 files:

  • Follow the instructions for preparing Illustrator 8 files.
  • In addition, Illustrator 9 and 10 files may use transparency. If you are creating an EPS file to place in other software, it is a best practice to flatten the files in Illustrator software using the highest quality setting. See PDF 1.4 transparency.
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