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The main concept behind hot folder creation is automatic workflow management. A hot folder is linked to a process template, which defines the file processing instructions. You can drag a file into a hot folder from your desktop. The system monitors the hot folders and by default waits 10 seconds for a group of 32 input files before adding the input files to the queue. The system then automatically processes the files according to the instructions in the process template that is linked to the hot folder.

Prinergy Evo system automatically configures and installs a number of hot folders intended to help you to start working with Prinergy Evo, submitting files, outputting PDFs, plates, film, and proofs. The default hot folders are as follows:

Folder Name

Attached Template Names


RefineTo PDF





Use hot folders to automatically process input files. You may have more than one hot folder for submitting input files. The Hot Folders dialog box displays all currently configured hot folders and their parameters.

You can create single-process hot folders that contain a single process template. Alternatively, you can create a multiple-process hot folder that is linked to multiple process templates, enabling you to create multiple parallel processes from a single input file. For example, you can create a hot folder that is linked to multiple output process templates. When you drop an input file into the hot folder, Prinergy Evo simultaneously and in parallel applies the processing instructions in each attached process template to the input file, creating multiple processes and output.

Important: When you submit an imposition file (PJTF or JDF) to a hot folder, you must also submit the marks PDF file. You may also want to submit the PDF files that make up the run list.

You can submit one or more individual files to a hot folder or submit CT/LW, DCS, TIFF/IT, or one-bit TIFF files as a file set. File sets include an additional master file that you submit to a hot folder. For file sets, here are some guidelines:

  • When you submit input files as a file set, you do not need to add all the files simultaneously.
  • If you plan to submit files separately, first submit the master file and then the related input files. The master file provides crucial details about the names of the files in a file set.
  • In general, when you submit a master file or input file and there are more files to submit to the hot folder, Prinergy Evo software waits up to a minute for the next file in the set. After you add the additional file, the system will wait for another minute for the next file, if there is one.

After you create a hot folder, the system automatically creates the following processing subfolders within the hot folder:

  • Input_Error: The system stores the input file here if it detects an error during processing.
  • Input_Success: The system stores the input file here after the file is successfully processed. If an error or warning occurs during processing, Prinergy Evo moves the input file to the Input_Error or Input_Warning folders.
  • Input_Warning: The system stores the input file here if it detects a warning during processing.
  • Input_Canceled: The system stores the input file here if you cancel the processing before it is complete.
  • Input_Unmatched: Prinergy Evo software stores the input file here if your hot folder automation is based on one or more input files that match certain criteria and the file names or file types fail to match the criteria. For example, you could create a hot folder and attach one process template with the criteria that it process only PostScript input files. If you want to process all other input files that do not match the PostScript criteria, add a second process template and then select Unmatched files in the Assign Template dialog box. Prinergy Evo processes files with PostScript with one process template and processes all other input files with the second process template. If you had not configured the second process template with the Unmatched files criteria, the system would move all files that are not PostScript files to the Input_Unmatched folder. You can have only one process template with the Unmatched files criteria attached to a hot folder.
  • Output: The system stores output files generated by the hot folder process here by default. This folder is not used if a different output location is specified in the process template.
  • Working: After the system detects that the input file is in the root of the hot folder, it moves the file to this folder to begin processing.

After you drop files into a hot folder use the Process Viewer or look in the hot folder's subfolders to monitor the progress of the input file.

Tip: To automate your refine and output workflow, you can link hot folders together via their attached process templates.
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