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Macromedia Freehand Best Practices:

  • From the File > Output Options, select ASCII Images.
  • Select Include OPI comments.
  • Save the page as EPS.

Note that Freehand will include OPI comments only for TIFF (not EPS). To perform OPI on an EPS (including DCS) input file, create a sample of the file using an image sampler. OPI-ing a DCS is desirable because Prinergy Evo can recomposite the DCS during OPI into the composite page, allowing you to use Prinergy Evo trapping.

DCS is inherently a separated format, and, as such, in most workflows you can't trap it. The system can recomposite DCS referenced in composite PostScript by using OPI. In order to recomposite the DCS, in the Refine to PDF process template dialog box, Normalize section, select the Do OPI Image Replacement check box and in the Search Path Order box, define the OPI replacement search paths. If you do not enable OPI replacement, Prinergy Evo software uses a low-resolution preview if one exists in the DCS control file.

Note: You don't necessarily always want to trap DCS, particularly if the DCS files are copydot or otherwise pre-screened. In that case you never want to trap them. However, if your DCS contains linework, 1-bit, continuous tone, or vector information and you want to trap the DCS files against other page content, for example, type or linework elements, recompositing the DCS enables you to trap the separated input.

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