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A Prinergy Evo virtual printer is a network print queue with a Refine to PDF or Output PS process template attached. Virtual printers can be accessed using either a AppleTalk or LPR (IP printing) print driver.
Note: AppleTalk is not supported by Microsoft Windows Server 2008. It may still be installed using a third-party AppleTalk protocol software, and used for font downloading, AFP sharing, and setting up virtual printers.

Use a Prinergy Evo virtual printer to automate your input workflow. A Prinergy Evo virtual printer enables you to print your input file directly from your desktop application via an output PostScript process template to Prinergy Evo to render PostScript and output directly to a device or device control hot folder.

You can also print from your desktop application to Prinergy Evo software in order to refine the input file to PDF.

Important: If you are going to print from a Windows-based computer via the Prinergy Evo virtual printer, this name must be in ASCII characters (for example, western language characters) and contain no spaces. If you create the name using UNICODE characters (for example, Chinese characters) and print from a Windows-based computer to Prinergy Evo software, the file will not print. This is a limitation in the Windows operating system.

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