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You can only automatically arrange pages from the output from PDF process template. Automatically arrange pages when, for example, you want to send your files for proof and you want to save media.

  1.   See Creating an output process template.
  2.  In the Layout section, Size box, select the media type that the proofing device supports.
  3.  In the Max Width box, type the maximum width of the media.
  4.  In the Max Height box, type the maximum height of the media.
  5.  In the Placement area, Style area, select Auto Fit.
  6.  In the Processed File Preferences section, select the Send Processed Files to option.
  7.  Click Browse to navigate to the proofing device network path or hot folder.
  8.  Complete the remaining process template parameters as required.
  9.  From the File menu, select Save.


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