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Note: The Prinergy Evo user interface often refers to Kodak Proofing Software as KPS.

  1. From the Configuration menu, select Process Templates.
  2. In the Process Template Editor dialog box, expand the Output from PDF folder to display the output from PDF process templates.
  3. From the File menu, select New Output from PDF Process Template.
  4. In the Output To list, select Kodak Proofers (KPS direct connect).
  5. In the Match Colors section, in the Pool list, select a color JTP.
  6. In the Layout section, in the Placement area:
    1. In the Style area, select N-Up to print more than one PDF page on a sheet of media.
    2. In the Number of Pages Across box, type a value.
    3. In the ...Down box, type the number of pages down.
  7. The pages must fit within the image area, which is 533 mm x 724 mm (21 inches by 28.5 inches). For example, you can fit four 8.5- by 11-inch pages, with two pages across and two pages down.
    1. In the Vertical Gutter Width box, type the gutter width.
    2. In the Horizontal Gutter Height box, type the gutter height.
    3. In the Render section, in the Pool list, select a proof JTP.
    4. In the Device section in the Proofer Name box, type the name of the KPS proofer on which you want to print.
    5. From the File menu, select Save to save the process template.
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