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  1. See Creating a refine to PDF process template.
  2. Create a submission channel with the refine to PDF process template attached.
  3. Submit the input files to the submission channel to create PDF files.
  4. Start the SignaStation software.
  5. See Creating SignaStation output parameters.
  6. Add the PDF files to SignaStation and apply the template.
  7. See Printing the job ticket from SignaStation.
    SignaStation creates two files, the populated job ticket and a marks file. The job ticket has a .jt extension. The marks file is a PostScript file. You must refine or distill the marks PostScript file to a PDF file before submitting the job ticket and marks file to Prinergy Evo. The Prinergy Evo output from imposition process does not accept PostScript files.
  8. In Prinergy Evo, submit the populated job ticket and output an imposed page-based proof, film or plate. See Outputting an imposed page-based proof, film, or plate
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