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Create a populated portable job ticket format (PJTF) file from Pandora to submit to Prinergy Evo. For more information on working with Pandora, please refer to the Pandora documentation.

Important: You cannot create layout files using a mix of PDF and PostScript files because Prinergy Evo accepts only PDF files for output. You must refine or distill your PostScript files before creating a layout plan.

  1. Create a refine to PDF process template.
    If you want to use thumbnails in your layout, create a refine to PDF with thumbnails.
  2. Create a submission channel and attach the refine to PDF process template.
  3. Submit the input files to Prinergy Evo software to refine to PDF.
    See Submitting files.
  4. On your Pandora computer, mount the shared folder (for example, JobData) that contains your PDF artwork or 1-up files.
    The PDF artwork or 1-up files must be in a folder or on a shared network volume on your Prinergy Evo server computer.
  5. Open the mounted work folder.
  6. Start Pandora.
  7. From the File menu, select New.
  8. Add a Press Sheet to the new layout, making sure that the width and repeat patterns are correct.
  9. From the File menu, select Import > Die to add the required dieline layout to the press sheet.
  10. From the File menu select Import > Artwork to add the required artwork (PDF files) to the press sheet.
  11. Select the dieline and artwork.
  12. From the Object menu, select Snap to dieline in order to automatically place the artwork properly within the dielines.
  13. Add the required variable marks.
  14. From the File menu, select Print.
  15. In the Print Job dialog box, in the Destination list, select PJTF Kodak Prinergy.
  16. In the Color Format list, select To Composite.
  17. Click Print.
  18. In the Save as dialog box, select a location and enter a file name in the dialog box when it is displayed. The generated files must be saved in a location that can be accessed by the Prinergy Evo server.
    One file is created (filename.pjtf) which is the job ticket (layout).
  19. Submit the PJTF file to an output imposition submission channel.
    See Submitting files.
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