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  1. See Creating process templates.
  2. Select the PrintLink section.
  3. In the Print Link File Location area, select Send PrintLink Files to Other Folder.
  4. In the Put Files in Directory box, browse to the where you want to save the CIP3 files.
  5. In the File Generation Mode list, select One File per Sheet.
    This will put all ink-coverage values for all separations and both surfaces into one text file.
  6. Set the remaining parameters as required.
  7. From the File menu, select Save to save the process template.
  8. Configure a hot folder, or a template palette, and attach the output process template to it.
  9. Submit your input files to the configured submission channel.
    Prinergy Evo sends the input file to the plate or filmmaking device for imaging and creates a CIP3 file. 
  10. Once you have imaged the plates and are ready to go to press, import the CIP3 file into your press console workstation in order to preset the press's digital ink keys.
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