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Convert CT/LW or TIFF/IT files to PDF files using the refine to PDF process template.

Before converting the CT/LW or TIFF/IT files to PDF files, you must make sure that the resolution of the CT/LW or TIFF/IT files matches the output device resolution, otherwise, artifacts will appear on the final output. Therefore, before your customer sends you the CT/LW or TIFF/IT input file, tell them that they must create the file at the same resolution as the output device on which you will image the file. For example, if you are have a Trendsetter device that images at 2400 dpi, the CT/LW or TIFF/IT file must be created at 2400 dpi.

  1. See Editing process templates.
  2. In the CEPS Conversion section, set the parameters as required.
  3. From the File menu, select Save As to save the process template under a new name.
  4. Create a submission channel and attach the CEPS conversion Refine to PDF process template.
  5. Submit the CT/LW or TIFF/IT input file to the submission channel.
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