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  1. From the Configure menu, select Process Templates.
  2. In the Process Template Editor dialog box, from the File menu, select New Output <process template type> Template. For example, New Output from Imposition Template.
  3. In the new Output Process Template dialog box, use the default settings, except:
    1. If you want to change where files are saved in the Processed File Preferences section, select the Send Processed Files to option.
    2. In the Device Path box type the path, or click Browse to navigate to where you want to send your processed files.
  4. Create a submission channel.For example: See Creating a new single-process hot folder to output to proof, film, or plate. Attach the output process template to the output hot folder.
  5. Copy the input file to the output submission channel.
  6. Copy the PDF file to the output submission channel (for example, output hot folder or the output process template in the template palette).
    Input files must reside on a folder on which Prinergy Evo server computer has access to and administrative privileges. It is a best practice to store your input files in the shared JobData folder on the Prinergy Evo server computer.
    The input file is automatically sent to the location you defined in the output process template (for example, the device) for imaging.
  7. In the Working with the process viewer section, view the file's process.
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