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Use color mapping when your input files contain colors that you want to convert to process, combine, or keep as spot colors when you refine the file to PDF, or when you want to remake a specific plate. For example, you want to remake a black plate and need to map the 100 percent spot black color to the black process color.

You can map colors when you process pages using a process template that has the Spot Color Handling and Color Match sections selected.

Color mappings defined in the Color Mapping dialog box override the color map settings defined in process templates attached to the input file.

When you drag and drop an input file onto a configured Template Palette, the system reads the colors in the input file and displays them in the Color Mapping dialog box, Colors column. From the Action box, you can apply options to each color, which the system then displays in the Action column.

When refining PostScript files, the system attempts to collect the list of spot colors listed in the PostScript file. For some software, for example, InDesign, this works well. A list of spot colors appears in the Colors dialog box, enabling you to map the colors during the initial refine process.

However, other software, for example, QuarkXPress software, does not supply enough comments in their PostScript files to determine which spot colors might be present. Therefore, the system cannot collect a list of spot colors from the PostScript. In order to map colors, you need to refine the PostScript file to PDF, and then rerefine the resulting PDF, enabling the system to collect the list of spot colors so that you can then map the colors.

When refining input files to PDF, or outputting pages, the color mapping parameters apply to the entire input file. When outputting imposed pages, the color mapping parameters apply to the selected signature or layout.

Color management is handled by the Color Matcher JTP. This JTP handles two color management functions:

  • RGB image conversion: RGB images and graphics can be automatically converted to CMYK using a standard ICC profile shipped with Prinergy Evo. Because this conversion is required most of the time, it is the default setting in the Refine to PDF process template.
  • CMYK to CMYK color matching: For CMYK to CMYK color matching, the Color Matcher transforms the color space of a PDF file to a color space appropriate for a specific output device using ICC profiles.

When color matching is enabled as part of the Refine to PDF process template, color data is matched to an output device. When color matching is enabled for proof output, the transformed color data is transformed again to a color space suitable for proofing, simulating final output on the proofing device.

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