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  1. See Creating a new single-process hot folder.
  2. See Creating an output process template.
  3. In the Output Type list, select raster EPS.
  4. In the Render section, Color Model area, select DeviceGray.
  5. In the Shades area, select 256.
  6. In the File Delivery section, select Send Processed Files to.
  7. In the Device Path box, click Browse to locate the refine to PDF hot folder.
  8. From the File menu select Save.
  9. Submit the refined PDF to the output PDF process template. Prinergy Evo software will send its output to the refine to PDF hot folder. The refine to PDF hot folder will then produce a PDF from the DeviceGray EPS file. Use this newly refined PDF to send monochrome output directly to Print Console or CS Xpose.
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