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You can define the PCO profile after you have defined the PCO simulation target. A PCO profile is required by Prinergy as the Refine destination profile for profile pair conversion, for both tagged and untagged content. You can also export the PCO profile and use it in Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat to view refined files with accurate color.
  1. In a PCO, click the PCO profile icon .
  2. Do the following:

    • To generate the profile:
      1. In the Origin area, select ColorFlow Generated.
      2. It's recommended that you use the default values that are displayed. These values are tailored to the device type of the device condition. However, you can make changes as necessary:

        • Total Ink Limit: Specify the maximum sum of tint values of all the inks
        • Black Start: Specify the start point on the neutral axis for black ink. For example, if you set the start point value to 20%, tones less than 20% will print with CMY inks only
        • Max Black: Specify the maximum allowable percentage of black ink used in the black separation
        • Black Strength: Use the slider or the text box to specify the relative quantity of black vs cyan, magenta, and yellow used to generate the neutral gray component of colors. As you move the slider towards the maximum value, colors can contain more black
        • For Perceptual rendering intent, you can adjust the way the source gamut is mapped to the destination gamut by entering the desired value in the Brightness Boost and Contrast Boost boxes. It's recommended that you generate the profile with default settings, and then adjust the Brightness Boost and Contrast Boost settings if the visual appearance of separated images is not pleasing

    • To import a profile:
      1. In the Origin area, select Imported.
      2. Click Import.
      3. Locate the profile that you want to import, and click Open. Information about the profile that you selected is displayed.
  3. Click OK.

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