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ColorFlow supports the following types of measurement charts (with generated response types):

  • Tint Ramp (Tonal only)
  • Tonal only (Tonal only)
  • P2P25 or P2P51  (Gray Balance and Tonal)
  • TC1617x (Full Color and Tonal)
  • Full Color and Tonal custom charts

A measurement chart contains all color patches required to determine the color, gray balance, or tonal response of a printing device. It includes all necessary identification and branding information that can be printed on either a single chart form or multiple chart forms, depending on the chart type and your printing device. A chart form contains one or several measurement pages. A measurement page is the portion of a chart form that can be measured by a color measurement device. It contains a footer and color patches that are a few millimeters in width. The total number of patches in a chart form, depending on the intent of the characterization (tonal, gray balance or full-color response) and the number of process inks that are used. A full-color characterization chart for a CMYK inkset requires about 1600 patches spread over multiple measurement pages, whereas a tonal characterization chart for the same inkset requires only a small single-page tint ramp chart, potentially consisting of as few as five patches. The maximum size of a measurement page is limited by the measurement device and the uninterrupted printable area on the print device.

The following shows an example full-color characterization chart that consists of four measurement pages in a single chart form:

  1. Chart form
  2. Measurement page
  3. Patch

If you only want to generate print calibration curves, you can:

If you want to do a full-color characterization in order to generate a device profile or DeviceLink (only available in ColorFlow Pro Workflow edition), measure a Full Color and Tonal chart

Charts for G7 support

ColorFlow clients have these five built-in charts for G7 calibration support, each of which can be exported as a PDF file. Each chart name indicates the devices that can measure the chart:

  • P2P51 - i1iO or i1Pro
  • P2P51 - i1iSis or i1iO
  • P2P51 iSis mini
  • P2P25 - i1iO or i1Pro
  • P2P25Xa i1iSis

Activation of any of the above measurements produces a Gray Balance and Tonal response for process inks, and measurements of any chart can be exported.

ColorFlow clients also have these three additional built-in charts for G7 support, each of which can be exported as a PDF file:

  • TC1617x (i1iO) cf
    This chart can be measured by i1iO and i1iO2 only, scanning for any measurement conditions supported by the connected i1iO.
  • TC1617x_H (i1iSis) cf
    This chart (as well as the TC1617xV cf chart) can be measured by i1iSis and i1iSis2 only, with any measurement conditions supported by the connected i1iSis.
  • TC1617x_V (i1iSis) cf

Activation of any of the above measurements produces a Full Color and Tonal response for process inks, and measurements of any chart can be exported.

In a report generated by any of these measurements, CIELAB measurements reported for the device or verified output are same values that appear in exported measurements. All of the above charts for G7 support include tint values required for G7 Grayscale Compliance reporting.

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