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You can import a set of Harmony transfer calibration curves as the device curve. You can import the curve in the Device Curves Definition dialog box, or import the curve in the Print Curves tab and select it from the Preset list.

To import a Harmony curve in the Device Curves Definition dialog box

Note: if you want to import a Harmony spot ink curve to use for the custom spot ink curve you defined in the device condition, the custom spot ink must have the same name as the Harmony spot ink curve.

  1. In a device condition, click the Device Curves icon .
  2. In the Curve Origin area, select Imported, and then click Import.
  3. Locate the .hmy file that you want to import, and click Open.
  4. In the Import Harmony Transfer Curve dialog box, select a CMYK curve set to use for CMYK device curve channels.
  5. To use the Black Harmony curve for custom spot ink curve, select the Import Black curve for all Custom spot ink curves check box.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To import Harmony spot ink curves for use as Custom spot ink curve channels, click the Import button again.
  8. Locate the .hmy file and click Open.
  9. Select a Spot curve and click OK.

To import a Harmony curve in the Print Curves tab

  1. In the Print Curves tab, under the Harmony Curves section, click Import.
  2. Locate and select your Harmony file, and then click Open.
    The Import Harmony Curves table appears showing all the curves in the file. 
  3. Select the CMYK and the spot ink curves that you want to use as the device curve for the device condition.
  4. Click OK.
    The curves appear in the Harmony Curves list table.
  5. In the Harmony Curves section, select the CMYK and the spot ink curves you just imported and click Copy to Transfer Curves.
  6. In the Transfer Curves Properties dialog box, edit the curve name or the device condition properties as necessary, or keep the default values and click OK
  7. In the Transfer Curves list table, find the curve you just copied and select the Show in Prinergy check box so that you can use this curve for output in Prinergy.
  8. In the Device Curves Definition dialog box, click Preset and select the curve you imported from Harmony.

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