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You can estimate color response from an existing color response for the following device types:

  • Offset Press - Sheetfed
  • Offset Press - Heatset Web
  • Offset Press - Coldset Web
  • Flexographic Press

You can generate an estimated color response for a device condition if you have any of the following:

  • The Color Characterization chart measurement for the same device in a similar device condition, called the original device condition
  • The i1Pro measurement of the substrates of the original and new device conditions
  • The estimated gain difference between the two substrates. You can manually enter the value during the estimation process
  1. In a device condition in the viewer window, click the Measurements icon  next to a device.
  2. Click the Measurements tab.
  3. Below the Active Measurement area, click Estimate.
  4. In the Response Estimation dialog, select an original device condition.
    You can also select Current Device Condition to edit the existing device condition response.
  5. Follow the wizard to generate the estimated color response.

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