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A device is a representation of a physical device or a reference device in your printing environment.

Physical devices include curve-controlled devices and non-curve-controlled devices. A curve-controlled device uses curve to control color. A non-curve-controlled device uses device profile to control color. 

The following table lists all the curve-controlled devices and non-curve-controlled devices in ColorFlow:

Curve-controlled devicesNon-curve-controlled devices
  • Offset Press – Sheetfed
  • Offset Press – Heatset Web
  • Offset Press – Coldset Web
  • Flexographic Press
  • Digital Halftone Proofer – Approval
  • Digital Halftone Proofer – Spectrum
  • Digital Halftone Proofer – Other
  • Digital Press Versamark
  • Digital Press Prosper
  • Digital Press – NexPress
  • Digital Press – Other
  • Inkjet Proofer – Matchprint Inkjet
  • Inkjet Proofer – Veris
  • Inkjet Proofer – Other
  • No labels