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In order to measure how a device prints color, you need to define the condition. ColorFlow has two types of device conditions: print device conditions (press and proofer devices) and reference device conditions (CMYK, Extended Process, RGB, and PDF/X Output Intent references): 

Print device conditions are a combination of a device type and the operating properties of the device, such as the process ink set, paper type, and screening that the device uses in producing an image.

The following two sets of properties are examples of two different device conditions:

  • Offset press A, using Staccato 10 screening, Cover 100lb paper
  • Offset press A, using Staccato 20 screening, Cover 100lb paper

A device can have multiple device conditions, depending on screening, substrate, or other variables that affect the color response. Devices of the same type can share the same device condition. If you make a change to the device condition in one device, the device conditions are changed in others that share the same device conditions.

Every print device condition has a measurable color response.

Reference device conditions are used to represent the color response of inputs or outputs for which there is no physical device.

You can create, view, and modify device conditions in the Device Conditions tab. You can also create, select and modify device conditions in the Color Setups and Print Curves tabs where the device conditions are being used.

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