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Creating a Color Input (CI) in your color setup is optional. It may be useful if, for example, you receive a CMYK input file that exceeds the maximum ink coverage of your press because it was incorrectly separated from RGB during the design stage. In this case, by defining a CI, you can choose to reseparate your received CMYK content in order to assign a more desirable Total Area Coverage (TAC) value to your press-ready separations. In Prinergy, you can use the CI you created as the source space to reseparate input files to the destination color space of the PCO.  

  1. Click the Color Setups tab, and then click the desired color setup from the list to show it in the viewer window.
  2. Double-click the background of the viewer window to show the Device window.
  3. Drag a device from the Devices window into the CI position in the Color Setups viewer. The CI device is usually a reference device that you use to define the color space of input files.
  4. Select the device condition for the CI device.
  5. Define the CI-to-PCO conversion method.
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