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The ColorFlow database is called the colorstore. The colorstore includes information about all color control elements that ColorFlow creates. The colorstore and ColorFlow server reside on the Prinergy server. The ColorFlow client software connects to a Prinergy server and uses the license of the Prinergy server.

Although many users can connect from the client software to the ColorFlow server, only one user has access to the server at any moment. A user must wait for another user to quit his or her client software in order to start a client and gain control of the ColorFlow server.

Warning: Files and folders and their share permissions within the ColorFlowServer directory should not be altered, copied, or deleted at any time. Doing so may cause the ColorFlowServer daemon to fail, resulting in an inoperable installation of ColorFlow. If you must backup the ColorStore/colorstore folder to the file system using a different method than the usual system backup routine, you must stop the Prinergy system before the copy process begins.

The location of the colorstore folder:

  • In Prinergy Connect, the colorstore folder is in c:\Program Files\Kodak\ColorFlowServer\ColorStore\colorstore.
  • On Evo systems, the colorstore folder is located in c:\Program Files\Kodak\<EvoHome>\ColorFlowServer\ColorStore\colorstore.
  • In 64-bit systems such as Windows 2012, the path starts with  c:\Program Files (X86)\

If you are running the Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 operating system on your Prinergy primary server, the System Configuration Backup Utility performs the backup process of the colorstore database.

If you are using Prinergy with Hot Standby (Hot Standby combines the basic functionality of failover, allowing a Prinergy secondary server or render station to take over primary server functions if the primary server fails), the colorstore database is also automatically backed up.

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