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We strongly encourage all existing Harmony users to switch to ColorFlow for calibration curve creation. There is no current requirement in Prinergy to switch, but because ColorFlow simplifies the creation and application of curves and brings the ability to align print conditions to modern standards like GRACoL or G7, we strongly recommend you start using ColorFlow for all future curve creation. 

There are a couple of current limitations to keep in mind when migrating from Harmony to ColorFlow. 

  1. Although you can import your existing Harmony curves into ColorFlow, you cannot currently edit an imported curve (to be enabled in a future version of ColorFlow). So there is no practical value in importing existing Harmony curves into ColorFlow, as you would have to return to Harmony to make any edits to those curves.  So we recommend that you can just continue to use legacy Harmony curves in existing Process Templates. But create all new curves in ColorFlow and reference those ColorFlow curves in new output Process Templates. 
  2. If you still use copydot files in production and need to calibrate them on output, you will likely need to continue to use Harmony. (This is a Prinergy Process Template limitation, not a ColorFlow limitation.) It is possible to create a copydot calibration curve in ColorFlow and export it as a Harmony Curve (calcurve.hmy), but managing a large number of copydot calibration curves realistically requires using the Harmony application. 

So to recap, our recommendation is to use ColorFlow for all new curves, but just leave legacy Harmony curves as they are in existing Output Process Templates.


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