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This guide covers features and functions that are available in Workflow, Pro Workflow and Measure editions. 

ColorFlow provides tonal calibration curves to Prinergy for screened output. It also provides ICC device and DeviceLink profiles for color matching during Refine and Output processes, a capability called ColorFlow Color Relationship Management in Prinergy. 

You can use ColorFlow for tonal calibration to control color separation output using curves. You can also use ColorFlow's powerful color relationship management tool to ensure your Prinergy jobs are processed using the correct color settings.

ColorFlow Measure Edition is a standalone application for measuring print condition characterization charts. It allows users to create, export, print and measure charts, and export measurement files.

Measure edition is intended primarily for ColorFlow Workflow and Pro Workflow edition customers running within Kodak Managed Services (KMS) in Azure. It can also be used to measure charts for Kodak Spotless Software (KSS) and older versions of ColorFlow which do not support the X-Rite i1Pro3 and i1iO3 spectrophotometers.

The following is a poster-sized reference sheet.

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