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You can create a device condition with pooled devices for curve-controlled devices if they have the same device type and device condition properties. For example, if you have two offset presses that use exactly the same ink, paper, and screening, you can pool the presses into one device condition. After you add pooled devices to a device condition, the devices are pooled in all color setups where the device condition is used. If you remove a pooled device from a device condition, the device is removed from the device condition in all color setups where the device condition is used.

The following are advantages to pool devices:

  • Fewer ICC device profiles
  • Fewer DeviceLink profiles
  • Simpler color setups

If you characterize the color response of a device in the device condition, the first device that you characterize becomes the promoted device. The color response of the promoted device is the color response of the entire device condition.

  1. To add a pooled device, simply drag a device from the Device window into an existing device condition in the viewer window.
  2. To removed a pooled device, right-click a pooled device in the device condition and then click Delete.
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