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The following table describes each rendering intent and their applications:

Rendering intentWhere to use forDescription
PerceptualPhotographs (scans and images)Fits all colors in the source space into the destination space while preserving overall color relationships. This method is suitable for images that contain significant out-of-gamut colors (RGB to CMYK)
SaturationBusiness graphics (charts and solid colors)Converts saturated colors in the source to saturated colors in the destination. This method may not be suitable for preserving original colors in an image
Relative ColorimetricProof output where the destination gamut is larger than source gamutMaps white in the source to white in the destination, reproducing all in-gamut colors and clipping out-of-gamut colors to the closest reproducible hue. This method preserves more of the original colors than the Perceptual method
Absolute ColorimetricProof output where the media white color of the source needs to be reproduced on the destination mediaMaintains color accuracy and does not change any colors that fall inside the destination color gamut (including white)
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