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Current state represents the current color control elements you are working on in ColorFlow. During your work, you might want to take a snapshot as a backup of your work to capture the current state of the entire colorstore so that you don't have to manually save and name multiple versions of individual color control elements after creating and adjusting them.

You can take multiple snapshots and each one is identified by an ID number. At any time, you can revert to a previous snapshot. When you revert to a previous snapshot, all color control elements are restored to their state at the time the previous snapshot was captured. Any color control elements and color setups that you created after the snapshot that you revert to are deleted.

When you are satisfied with the color control elements in a snapshot, you might want to approve it. Only one snapshot can be in the Approved state at any time. You can access ColorFlow color control elements in the current state or in a snapshot in Prinergy. By default, the approved snapshot appears in the Process Template Editor. You can select a different snapshot during the Refine and Output processes in Prinergy.

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