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ColorFlow 8.2.2 clients have been released for Mac and Windows. The ColorFlow 8.2.2 client is fully compatible with Prinergy/ColorFlow 8.2.

New features and enhancements

 There are no new features or enhancements in this version of the software.

Problems fixed

Ticket Number



Plate Curve "Date Modified" changes to current date/time after restart ColorFlow client


Client installer uses Server Derby port for color store migration


Cannot capture snapshot with ColorFlow PC client and customer Colorstore


i1iO custom chart default size wrong

CLRFLW-7986i1iSis custom chart default size wrong
CLRFLW-7983Server shows new snapshot before its Capture is complete

Cannot rename ColorFlow folder on Mac or ColorFlow will not launch


ColorFlow 8.0.2 and 8.1.1 create empty colorstore wrapper folders on MacOS in User directory


Plate Curve "Date Modified" changes to current date/time after viewing curve and not making any changes

Known issues

CLRFLW-8028: ColorFlow client installation may fail on Prinergy server

Workaround: If this happens, delete all files in C:\temp\.

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