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New features and enhancements

Undo/Redo functions for Print Calibration curves (CLRFLW-7442) 

The ColorFlow 8.2.0 software introduces an Undo/Redo function for Print Calibration curves for enhanced usability. Either while the Device Curves Edit dialog is open, or after it has been closed, you can select Undo or Redo from the Edit menu (or use Ctrl/Cmd-Z or Ctrl/Cmd-Y).  

Measure and report response using TC1617x charts (CLRFLW-5967) 

G7 and color setup experts can now characterize the response of their presses with the extended TC1617x charts published by IDEAlliance.

The TC1617 is a new characterization target developed by Idealliance which contains all the CMYK patch values of the IT8.7/4 (with duplicates removed) plus all the CMY and K-only values of columns 4 and 5 of the P2P51. Idealliance has released final versions of three charts: one for i1iO measurement, and two for i1iSis measurement. 

ColorFlow clients now have these three additional built-in charts for G7 support, each of which can be exported as a PDF file:

  • TC1617x (i1iO) cf
    This chart can be measured by i1iO and i1iO2 only, scanning for any measurement conditions supported by the connected i1iO.
  • TC1617x_H (i1iSis) cf
    This chart (as well as the TC1617xV cf chart) can be measured by i1iSis and i1iSis2 only, with any measurement conditions supported by the connected i1iSis.
  • TC1617x_V (i1iSis) cf

Activation of any of the above measurements produces a Full Color and Tonal response for process inks, and measurements of any chart can be exported.

In a report generated by any of these measurements, CIELAB measurements reported for the device or verified output are same values that appear in exported measurements.

Comparison Reports: clarify final entry of Figure 4.2.1 (CLRFLW-6327)

Comparison reports are useful for identifying problem color builds or for determining the accuracy of a color reproduction. They illustrate the differences between a device and a selected target. The final entry of Figure 4.2.1 (CIELAB color of critical tints) displays the tint that has the largest error. Because this was not documented, this final entry could be interpreted as a random color that was erroneously included in the report. ColorFlow 8.2.0 now includes this explanation below the table of Figure 4.2.1: "The last table row above shows the maximum single color difference among all patches."

Japan Color 2011 Support (CLRFLW-6611)

ColorFlow provides several built-in CMYK reference device conditions that encapsulate the color response of industry specifications or printing aim points. ColorFlow 8.2.0 now supports a Japan Color 2011 built-in CMYK Reference device condition.

The Japan Color 2011 device condition has Full Color and Tonal response, and therefore:

  • Can serve as a calibration or simulation target for Gray Balance or Tonal Match curves
  • Has full device profile and DeviceLink generation capabilities
  • Provides colorimetric and tonal response information, but no density or trap information, when used as a comparison reference in a Print Comparison report

Support new PDF/X Output Intents published in registry (CLRFLW-6614)

ColorFlow 8.2.0 now supports these profiles as built-in PDF/X Output Intents:

  • CGATS21_CRPC1.icc
  • CGATS21_CRPC2.icc
  • CGATS21_CRPC3.icc
  • CGATS21_CRPC4.icc
  • CGATS21_CRPC5.icc
  • CGATS21_CRPC6.icc
  • CGATS21_CRPC7.icc
  • Coated_Fogra39L_VIGC_260.icc
  • Coated_Fogra39L_VIGC_300.icc
  • GRACoL2013_CRPC6.icc
  • GRACoL2013UNC_CRPC3.icc
  • JapanColor2011Coated.icc
  • SNAP 2007.icc
  • SWOP2013C3_CPRC5.icc
  • Uncoated_Fogra47L_VIGC_260.icc
  • Uncoated_Fogra47L_VIGC_300.icc

Print Calibration Curve usability improvements (CLRFLW- 6807)

To clarify the user interface terminology used when calibrating presses for G7, the word "conversion" has been replaced by "calibration" for icons, dialog boxes, radio buttons, reports, and so on. In addition, the Conversion icon has been replaced by the same curve icon used for device curves, with its tooltip changed to "Calibration". 

Ink Optimizing Simulation DeviceLink for G7 PCO (CLRFLW-7039)

The ColorFlow 8.2.0 software introduces an Ink Optimizing deviceLink with G7 calibration that helps save ink and improve color stability with G7 printing.

Increase ColorFlow Server default logging levels (CLRFLW-7264)

The ColorFlow Server's default logging level is now ALL, so that the Kodak support organization can gather as much information as possible when a customer reports an intermittent or transient problem with Prinergy-ColorFlow integration, thereby reducing the time to resolve issues.

Client support for macOS High Sierra (CLRFLW-7636)

The ColorFlow Mac client now works with macOS High Sierra so that ColorFlow can run on new and upgraded Macs.

Support for ISO 12647-2:2013 FOGRA 51 and 52 (CLRFLW-7581)

Include Tonal response in some FOGRA built-in device conditions (CLRFLW-7582)

Color store migration: remove unused records from all tables (CLRFLW-7598)

With ColorFlow 8.2.0, the process of migrating the color store now detects and removes records that are no longer used, speeding up the capture and snapshot for a customer's color store.

Sort contents of Prinergy list controls (CLRFLW-7622)

Lists of curves, color setups, and other objects delivered to ColorFlow Server commands are now sorted alphabetically.

PDF Help updated to version 8.2 (CLRFLW-7670)

Problems fixed

Ticket Number


CLRFLW-7722Cannot select spot ink curve channel in device condition properties on Mac OS
CLRFLW-7721i1iO chart alignment indicator location misleading
CLRFLW-7649Simulation curve generation incorrect for spot ink responses with flexo discontinuity
CLRFLW-7647Characterization Print Curve discontinuity control doesn't work for spot inks
CLRFLW-7645Spot ink measurement averaging does not work
CLRFLW-7627Installer/Migrator fails because of orphaned db folder - Merge from Main
CLRFLW-7607Snapshot capture unnecessarily slow in Workflow editions
CLRFLW-7266Cannot pool devices in SCO device condition
CLRFLW-7164ColorFlow Plate Curve outputs with wrong values
CLRFLW-7108Mac only - Cannot copy selection to clipboard
CLRFLW-6986Backup of colorstore cannot be opened in the previous version
CLRFLW-6893Cannot use horizontal scroll to view all SCOs in a Device Condition, if "Show Sticky Notes" active

Known issues

Ticket Number


CLRFLW-7835After restarting the ColorFlow client, the Date Modified information for plate curves with a measured response changes to the current date and time.

The back form of the chart with 'Scan M1 and M2' selected is incorrect

CLRFLW-7681PDF file of exported customer chart cannot be opened by Windows Reader on Win 8
CLRFLW-7669Commit all adjustments do not work in Calibration curve tab
CLRFLW-7668Mindot Tint Out value has a little error when Mindot-related controls take effect
CLRFLW-7667The device curve for spot ink remains even if updating the measurement data
CLRFLW-7657Some Colorstore cannot be migrated with insufficient memory on server 2012
CLRFLW-7650I1iO Measurement re-measures wrong patches with TC1617x (i1iO) cf chart

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