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New features and enhancements

 There are no new features or enhancements in this version of the software.

Problems fixed

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CLRFLW-7278Closing ColorFlow client causes Prinergy processes to fail with a specific ColorStore.
CLRFLW-7265ColorFlow client loses connection with server when closing and reopening sessions. 


Can't select Channel Binding on Tint Ramp Measurement if ColorFlow Language preference set to Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Korean.


i1iO2 fails to read charts in dual scan mode with certain charts configuration #2

CLRFLW-7109Server: GetAllPrintCurveSets() takes a very long time when color store contains many visible print curves
CLRFLW-7036i1iO2 fails to read charts in dual scan mode with certain patch configuration
CLRFLW-6728Workflow Edition client very slow to launch
CLRFLW-6557Cannot duplicate Transfer curve from Harmony 

Imported Harmony Curves look linear when previewing curve and client language is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or German


Reference Trap Density should not be included in Reports, if no density information in data.

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