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New features and enhancements

Use the new ColorFlow pre-check utility to prevent Prinergy upgrade failures (CLRFLW-6649) 

Before launching the Prinergy installer, you can now improve deployment by running a wizard that checks whether the ColorFlow colorstore can be successfully migrated. [Where to find tool]. Use this tool to avoid the downtime and support intervention that is a consequence of a failed Prinergy upgrade. This standalone program is not included in the Prinergy installer pre-check tool.  

Define press PCOs with G7 calibration (CLRFLW-6987) 

You can now use ColorFlow to generate a curve for Prinergy to produce G7 printing. Color Setups with curve-controlled PCO device conditions now have a G7 check box in the Simulation Definition dialog box. This check box is not available for PCOs that use non-curve-controlled devices.

Use the new P2P51 chart from IDEAlliance to calibrate your presses for G7

You can now replace the obsolete P2P25 chart with the P2P51 chart and use it for exporting, measuring, calibrating, and reporting. This means that the user can generate G7 curves without having to manually select a particular G7 aim condition.

ColorFlow now supports:

  • Measurement of the standard P2P51x chart by the i1iSis(2) or the i1iO(2), whichever measurement device is connected, and allows all measurement conditions (M0, M1, or M2) supported by the connected device.
  • Activation of any P2P51 measurement data set.
  • Export of a modified P2P51x chart. The modifications support measurement by the hand-scanned i1Pro. The chart can also be measured by the i1iO. It is smaller than the standard P2P51x chart, so it can fit on letter or A4 paper for G7 calibration of digital presses.
  • Export of the P2P51x chart from IDEAlliance, measurable by the i1iSis and i1iO
  • Measurement of the P2P51 iSis mini chart by the i1iSis and iSis2, using measurement conditions M0, M1 or M2 for iSis2, and M0 or M2 for the iSis.
  • Measurement of the P2P51 - i1iO or i1Pro chart by the i1iO(2) or the i1Pro(2) in hand-scan mode, whichever measurement device is connected.
  • Export of the P2P51 iSis mini chart.
  • Report generation from any P2P51 measurement data set 

Enjoy the improved usability of hand-scanning (CLRFLW-6378)

ColorFlow 8.1 provides improved audible feedback (beeps) of measurement progress when hand-scanning i1Pro charts such as the P2P25.

Read charts with XRite Isis2 and Isis2 XL

Isis2 is an upgrade of the Isis from XRite. It has standard and XL sizes. The instrument has similar form and function. ColorFlow now supports M0, M1, and M2 measurement. 

Java 8 support

ColorFlow 8.1 supports Java 8 for better compatibility with Mac OS 10.12.

Java 8 support for ColorFlow eliminates the need for the Import Multiple... command button

Before Java 8, native file browsers could not support multi-file selection in Device or Verification Measurements dialog boxes. The dialog boxes used an:

  • Import button for single files, using the native Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder 
  • Import Multiple button for multiple files, using the Java file browser

In Java 8, the multiple selection limitation no longer exists, and the Import and Import Multiple buttons have been combined into a single Import button.

Enhanced gray balance curves for flexographic printing

Curve smoothness has been improved for the ColorFlow Flexo gray balance curve.

Problems fixed

Ticket Number


CLRFLW-6605ColorFlow unable to capture new snapshot
CLRFLW-6666ColorFlow 7.5 installer fails to update ColorStore
CLRFLW-6769Repaired Colorstore cannot be migrated to versions 7.5 or 8.0
CLRFLW-6881Database migration to 7.5 fails
CLRFLW-6882ColorStore fails to migrate from to
CLRFLW-6907Client running on macOS Sierra cannot mount ColorStore$ share
CLRFLW-6938Unable to capture a snapshot with ColorStore in 7.5
CLRFLW-6951Colorstore crashes ColorFlowServer after migration from 2.1.2 to 7.5.
CLRFLW-6985Selecting undefined Print Curve causes ColorFlow client to crash
CLRFLW-6991"No row with the given identifier exists" error when capturing a new snapshot.
CLRFLW-7078ColorFlow 8.0 installer fails to migrate 7.5 database with "spacejava.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"

Known issues

Ticket Number



The Help links in the ColorFlow software will not work if the default browser is not already running 

If the default browser is not active when a Mac user tries to access the help system from within the ColorFlow software—either from the Help menu or the Help button in a warning or error dialog—the help will not launch.

Workaround 1: Start your default browser manually before launching the help feature in the ColorFlow software.

Workaround 2: Install Chrome and make it the default browser.

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