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These new features and enhancements are available in the ColorFlow 8.0.1 drop-in. 

New Features and Enhancements

Support for iSis2 measurement

ColorFlow 8.0.1 supports iSis2 M0, M1, and M2 measurement.  

Support for macOS Sierra

You can run ColorFlow 8.0.1 on macOS Sierra. 

Run ColorFlow 8.0.1 with 8.0.0 color store

ColorFlow 8.0.1 is compatible with 8.0.0 color stores. This allows a ColorFlow  8.0.1 client to run with a Prinergy system running ColorFlowServer 8.0.0.

Known Issues and Limitations

Color matching (especially Ink Optimizing) certain files containing transparent objects can result in significant changes in appearance

This problem is file specific and is dependent on the transparency blending modes applied, the object's color, and the DeviceLink or ICC profile used to color convert the objects. The problem occurs because each graphic and image object used in the transparency group is color converted separately. Blending of the objects in the destination color space after color converting changes their appearance.

Recommendation: Flatten PDF files before color matching. If your PDF files contain RGB data, it is highly recommended to color convert this data prior to flattening.

Note: Contone proofing cannot be used to predict this issue when color matching is performed on final output.



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