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If you are using Macintosh ColorFlow client with Matchprint Virtual Software installed, you can preview an image with accurate display color on a Matchprint Virtual qualified monitor. 

Before you can preview with Matchprint Virtual, you must do the following:

  • Change the display profile to a Matchprint Virtual profile in the Preferences > ICC Profiles tab
  • Calibrate your monitor every 24 hours by clicking the Calibrate button in the Image Preview dialog box. 

Note: Matchprint Virtual is a licensed software and its license is controlled by the InSite Prepress Portal, InSite Creative Workflow, or PressProof Software. 

The following image shows an example of a Matchprint Virtual preview:


Calibrate button


Matchprint Virtual status:

  • Red — the monitor has never been calibrated
  • Yellow — the monitor was previously calibrated, but requires recalibration
  • Green — the monitor is calibrated
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