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You can estimate color response from an existing color response for the following device types:

  • Offset Press - Sheetfed
  • Offset Press - Heatset Web
  • Offset Press - Coldset Web
  • Flexographic Press

You can generate an estimated color response for a device condition if you have any of the following:

  • The Color Characterization chart measurement for the same device in a similar device condition, called the original device condition
  • The i1Pro measurement of the substrates of the original and new device conditions
  • The estimated gain difference between the two substrates. You can manually enter the value during the estimation process
  1. In a device condition in the viewer window, click the Measurements icon  next to a device.
  2. Click the Measurements tab.
  3. In the Active Measurement area, select a measurement set.
  4. Click Estimate.
  5. In the Response Estimation dialog, select an original device condition.
  6. Follow the wizard to generate the estimated color response.



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