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You can use reports to analyze a device in a device condition, compare a device to a target, or provide information for troubleshooting potential problems. The following are available reports:

Print Characterization reports

Print Characterization reports are useful for documenting the state of a device in a device condition for future reference or for determining if a device is in an optimum state. It provides the following:

  • Information about a device that is based on measurement data
  • Information on the key metrics of a print condition when no calibration is applied, even if a calibration curve was used to output measurement data
  • The effect of a calibration curve on a curve-controlled device

Comparison reports

Comparison reports are useful for identifying problem color builds, or for determining the accuracy of a color reproduction. You can also use Comparison reports to analyze new stocks, inks or other variables. It provides the following information:

  • Illustrate the differences between a device and a selected target
  • Reference data sets from industry specifications including FOGRA, GRACoL, SWOP, IFRA, and PSR Gravure
  • ISO 12647-2 curves reference data for TVI comparisons

When comparing a calibration to an ISO TVI curve, you can use a single ISO TVI curve for CMYK, or use one ISO TVI curve for CMY and the next, higher ISO TVI curve for black (K). For example, in the Compare to list, if you select ISO TVI Curve A, ISO TVI Curve A is used for CMY and K. If you select ISO TVI Curve A and B, ISO TVI Curve A is used for CMY and ISO TVI Curve B is used for K.

Verification reports

Verification reports include comparison of predicted response to Target (PCO report) or PCO (SCO report). You can use Verification reports to check if the color response of a PCO or SCO matches the target. You can also use Verification reports to check if the color response of the calibrated output for a print calibration curve matches the target.


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