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  1. In the Print Curves tab, under Calibration Curves, click the Add button .
  2. Add the print device and drag it to the viewer window.
  3. Click the Properties icon  and define the device condition properties.
  4. Create a measurement chart and measure device output samples:
  5. Click the Measurement icon .
  6. Do the following:
  7. Select the print curve target and define conversion:

    1. Click the Conversion icon .
    2. If you want the curve to be visible in Prinergy, select the Show curves in Prinergy check box.
    3. Click the Process Inks tab and select the desired target device condition from the Target dropdown list.
      ColorFlow provides a list of built-in industry CMYK specifications that you can use as your target response. If you can't find the desired target from the list, you can create a custom CMYK Reference device condition as your target.

    4. Click the Spot Inks tab and select a spot ink target if applicable.
    5. In the Curves Method list, select a curve method:
      • If you measured a tint ramp chart, choose Tonal Match
      • If you measured a P2P25 chart and want to generate gray balance curve, choose Gray Balance
    6. Click OK.



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