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If the print condition of your print device has changed, you can use ColorFlow to update the transfer curve that you imported from Harmony. 


Update a imported Harmony transfer curve and use the updated curve to output a PDF.

Task 1: Edit the transfer curve

  1. In ColorFlow software, click the Print Curves tab.
  2. Select the PRINT Press A CS1 SWOP 175L print curve and click Copy to Transfer Curve.
  3. In the Transfer Curve Properties dialog box, in the Name box, enter XX Transfer Curve Activity 05 (where XX= your initials).
  4. In the Device Condition section, enter the following device condition parameters:
    • Screening: 175 Elliptical
    • Substrate: Type 1 or 2 (coated art)
    • Other: None
  5. Click OK.
    The new Transfer curve is activated for Prinergy and the original Harmony curve is deactivated.
  6. In the Viewer window, click the Transfer curve icon .
  7. In the Transfer Curve Adjustments dialog box, click the K button.
    There are 5 sliders represents 5 fixed tonal range: 
    • Slider at 10% (Highlight): affects 0 to 25%
    • Slider at 25% (Quartertone): affects 0 to 50%
    • Slider at 50% (Midtone): affects entire tonal range
    • Slider at 75% (3/4-tone): affects 50 to 100%
    • Slider at 90% (Shadow): affects 75 to 100%
  8. In the box under the Midtone slider, enter 5.
    Note that the other adjustment slider values have also been adjusted to smooth out the resulting curve. 
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click Close.

Task 2: Output a page using the updated transfer curve in Prinergy

  1. In Prinergy, create a new job, and name it as XX CF Activity 05 (where XX = your initials).
  2. Refine Chart_TintRamp_CMYK.pdf with 1stRef-Normz.
  3. Output the PDF file using Virtual Proof.LoosePage with the updated transfer curve:
    1. In your Virtual Proof.LoosePage Process template dialog box, from the Output To list, select Virtual Proof.
    2. Leave ColorFLow Color Relationship Management unchecked.
    3. Expand the Calibration & Screening panel.
    4. Click the ColorFlow Current State radio button.
    5. Expand the Print Curve drop down list and select XX Transfer Curve Activity 05.
  4. Open the generated page in VPS and measure the 50% black patch. 
    Confirm that the updated print transfer curve has been applied and the 50% black patch measures 57.6%. 


You have updated a Harmony transfer curve and used it in Prinergy to control the tonal response of an output.

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